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Search Engine Optimisation Services

When you search for your website in Google like “sgpwebdesign.net” does it show up first? Second? Does it show up at all? How about if you search for your service or product keyword or phrase, does your site show up on the first page? Let’s say you have a company in Brighton that does graphic design, if you search Google for “Brighton graphic design” or “graphic design Brighton”, do you come up on the first page of results? If not, why not? You serve the Brighton area and this is your main service and customer locality, you should be showing up in the search results so that your potential new clients are able to find you.

There are hundreds of search engines that don’t matter and one search engine that does. Yahoo and Bing are nice to rank well in, a few extra visitors to your site doesn't hurt, and it will compliment the 90% of traffic that is sent to you by the most important search engine, Google. As for the other 997 search engines, they mean nothing. If you see an “SEO company” offering to get you listed in dozens or hundreds of search engines they are either incompetent or deceitful, or both. Anyone with any knowledge of SEO knows that those search engines don’t matter.

Creating a web site that is "Google friendly", is as important as the design itself. Just as there would be no point in opening a shop no one could find, there is no point having a website that can't be found by an online search. We pride ourselves on achieving high search engine rankings for our clients with many of our websites residing at high first page positions.

Customers however, need to be realistic about their SEO results dependent upon their SEO budget. It is a realistic goal to be near the top of Google for 'Chiropractor Worthing' but totally unrealistic to be the number one result, or even a first page result for 'Chiropractor' unless you have a very large budget to spend on SEO. Optimisation is a time intensive task that involves researching the competition, analysing their keyword density and number of inbound links to their site and matching or bettering it. Results also don't occur overnight. It takes time to move up the Google rankings, sometimes several months, with small changes needing to be made to the search keyword density on the optimised pages.

Google pay per click advertising campaigns

Many times pay per click (PPC) advertising with Google is a better, cheaper and faster route to increasing your website's visibility and growing your visitor numbers and customer base than investing large sums in SEO. It can also be used as an adjunct to SEO, while optimisation begins to move your site up the rankings.

Our PPC service gives you the opportunity to have your PPC account managed by a professional and Google certified account manager. We will work closely together with you in order to have the correct structure in place for the best possible ROI.

Part of our PPC Management is the creation of relevant and targeted adverts that include different call to actions and other important offers or incentives. Using various adverts and testing them against each other will give us the chance to identify the strongest performing ads and work towards improving those to increase the click-through-rate to your site.

It is important for us to direct the user to the most relevant landing pages providing the visitor of your website with the best information based on their original search query. In order to do so we will also provide you with optimisation suggestions for your website to have a fully focused PPC-friendly landing page. The high relevancy of your landing page will have a positive long term effect on your ad quality score.

SGP Web Design will provide you with conversion tracking statistics and monitor the performance of your PPC managed campaigns. In addition to conversion tracking we will also set up a Google Analytics account complete with goal tracking, so you can see how many visitors are reaching an end goal, such as purchasing from you or sending an enquiry to you.

With the right level of investment, and a well managed campaign, a Google Ad campaign can bring a huge number of new visitors and potential new clients to your company's website, often with far quicker results and at a far lower cost than can be achieved with SEO.